Some things that might make you go hmmm...

1  Mars is populated entirely by robots.

2 New York City is further south than Rome, Italy.

3  There is a basketball court on the top floor of the U.S. Supreme Court Building known as the "highest court in the land."

4  If a piece of paper were folded 42 times, it would reach to the moon.

5  You can spell the word “upside down” upside down by using other letters of the alphabet: umop apisdn.

6  Every year, hundreds of new trees grow because of squirrels forgetting where they buried their nuts.

7  It rains diamonds on Saturn and Jupiter.

8  There are more atoms in a glass of water than there are glasses of water in all the oceans on Earth. 

9  A straw has only one hole in it.

10 When you remember a life event, you are remembering the last time you remembered it, not the actual event.

11 A day is longer on Venus than a year is on Venus.

12 “Jesus” backwards sounds like “sausage.”

13 You can’t breathe and swallow at the same time.